How to Pick the Right New Tractor

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How to Pick the Right New Tractor

When you are working on a large farm, you could easily find yourself spending hours every day sitting in a tractor. In that situation, it is vital that your tractor is suitable for all of the tasks you need and that the tractor cab is a comfortable environment. There is nothing worse than being stuck for a prolonged period in an environment that bounces you up and down and leaves you with a permanent ache all over your body.

What makes a great tractor?

Before you visit the showroom, you should spend some time thinking about exactly what you need from a tractor. Factors you will need to consider are how much power or what size of engine you need in your tractor. You also need to consider whether a two-wheel- or four-wheel-drive tractor would be the best fit for your terrain and which transmission system would be best for your situation.

How is the cab arranged?

Sometimes you can have a strong, powerful tractor which is still uncomfortable to drive because little thought has been given to the layout of the controls or the comfort of the operator. By contrast, several tractor manufacturers have taken the time to design a cab that is comfortable even after prolonged use. Look for a tractor that has power steering and has all of the control levers ergonomically positioned in the best place for them to be reached without a lot of stretching and bending on your part. Consider especially the condition of the tractor seat. Think about how well it will stand up to hours of driving over rough terrain. Will the seat support you properly, or will it leave your body shaken and your head spinning?

Increasing your productivity

A good tractor will always make your life easier. No matter which model of tractor you decide to buy, you should always know that your new tractor is going to make your life easier. Especially on large farms, your tractor must have enough strength to get every job done. If you are not sure whether a particular tractor is an appropriate choice for your needs, then talking through your requirements with the tractor sales company is a good decision. They will have sold many tractors into a variety of situations, and they will be best placed to know whether the specifications that a particular model has will make it a good fit for your purposes.

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